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A superb video slideshow for a wedding, birthday, or other special occasion

Photo Slideshow, Wedding


This video is the perfect way to show off your beautiful photos in a high definition video slideshow. Use this template to produce a wonderfully memorable video slideshow of your life. Use it to create a beautiful special event video, with pictures of your family.

Make your slideshow video by simply uploading 73 pictures. You also have the option of customizing the tile scene, as well as adding a caption for each picture.

What about creating a video using the photos from your wedding? Videographers are expensive - you can now create your own wedding video using this template at a fraction of the price. The best part is that this video is only 3 minutes long, so is perfect to share on Facebook and other social media. Let's face it, none of your friends or family really want to sit through an hour of video footage - what they would do is watch a short video slideshow!

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Creating a good video is no easy. Now finally, you can do it simply and easily thanks to Flixur.

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 Photo Slideshow, Wedding
  3 min 37 s
  August 2015

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