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Photo Slideshow, Wedding


This is one video that will simply blow you away. Imagine a beautiful willow tree. Imagine taking 42 of your most precious photo memories, and hanging them from the tree. And now imagine what it would look like if you took a full HD video of the tree, with the photos blowing in the wind.

This is simply the most beautiful way of showing your photos in an elegant video slideshow. The template takes 42 photos. You supply your own title, and ending title, as well as captions for each of the photos. The end result is a 3 and a half minute full HD video slideshow.

Bear in mind that some of the photo placeholders are landscape, and some are portrait, so you ideally need to select photos with the right orientation for each placeholder.

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Template Info

  images 42
  texts 4
 Photo Slideshow, Wedding
  3 min 30 s
  August 2014

Available Resolutions

640 x 360 (SD 360p)
1280 x 720 (HD 720p)
1920 x 1080 (HD 1080p)

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